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The Sotiello Palace consists on several buildings of 2450 m2 approximately (which is the volume plus a 15%) where it cuold be possible to build apartments or any other initiative dedicated to Hotel and Catering business.

It is completely reconstructed on the exterior of the Palace. A sidewalk of 3m width has been made all around the building. Brand new roofs. Exterior doors have been renewed keeping the design of the original doors. Climalit windows. And all the iron pieces has been renewed as well. The interior of the building is been repaired and cleaned. The floor is made of parquet.

The interior doors are made of wood, in perfect condition. The doors have been sanded and waxed.

It could be for particular use, for Hotel and Catering Business, or to build tourist apartments. At the moment there is a project of touristic expansion on this area.


Basement:   366.99 m2
Ground Floor:   372.46 m2
First Floor:   355.95 m2
Second Floor:   269.13 m2
Second Floor:   30.69 m2
  1395.22 m2 (1095.50 m2 útiles)
Stable 1:   361.57 m2
Tendejon:   99.94 m2
Housing:   294.91 m2
Store:   306.90 m2
Stable 2:   1371.82 m2
Total Surface (useful):
  3453.73 m2